Excuse the blurry photo.  You just can't capture those moves on film.  Or a phone.

About Theresa

AFTER busting out some serious moves to 90's hip hop while rocking 2017 hip hair trend the high pony, I get to business in the scrappy, Kerby Alley Studios in industrial N. Portland, along side 4 other multi-media artists who aren't afraid of a little old alley at midnight on a Tuesday.

I am a maker of armies.  A lover of old things made new.  A workaholic who doesn't know how to be anything else. 


Using several techniques, I transform ordinary things into special moments. With an exacto knife, a wheel thrown bowl becomes a cheeky vessel for fruit.  A vintage whisky bottle, block of wood or lightbulb is transformed into a stunning vase, just by using a little plaster and slip.

Surface is just as important to me as the piece itself.  Color inspires me.  I spend hours upon hours tweaking my handmade glazes to create the perfect hue I have in my head.  Then it's just play, play, play.